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Custom Engagement Rings Toronto

Custom Engagement Rings Toronto, Canada

When it comes to shopping for custom engagements rings Toronto we’ve got you covered! At flux + form, we believe nothing declares your love more meaningfully than a thoughtful proposal accompanied by a ring. This is a big step. Not only should your engagement ring be beautiful, it should also express your unique message of love. This is a daunting and emotional task for many people to manage on their own.

If your proposal is going to be a surprise, you may be feeling even more burdened. You are going to have to figure out what your partner would like without asking directly. We can relieve some of this stress by becoming a trusted party in your secret mission. This is the one gift you want to get right so let us help you create a ring you will both love.

Your Design

First, tell us your story. This helps us envision a design that can work for your needs. Then we will inquire about your budget. You will learn that engagement rings do not have to break your bank. We have access to a variety of stones, materials and techniques that can fit your budget.

Whether you select a design that is classic or trendy, vintage or modern we are meticulous in how we create our pieces. We want you to wear and enjoy our creations for a lifetime. Our displays feature ready-to-wear engagement rings to purchase right away. We can adjust your selection for size or to accommodate a special feature. In addition, we can also re-jewelTM and re-use a sentimental heirloom. If you are in the market for a custom engagement ring, we may ask you to collect images to use for inspiration before we begin the custom design process.

Diamond Engagement Rings

The Archduke Maximilian of Austria appears to have started the tradition of the diamond engagement ring in 1477. This is a charming story of a romance with Mary of Burgundy and a ring with diamonds set into a shape of an M! And ever since then, diamonds remain a popular choice because of their beauty and durability. They are exponentially harder than any other gemstone, tough enough to stand up to everyday wear. If you are going to purchase a diamond, we want you fully informed and confident about your purchase. We can give you a crash course on the 4Cs of diamond shopping, the cut, carat, clarity, and color if you need it.

Alternative Engagement Rings

But the times they are a-changing. Today, diamonds are not the only game in town. More and more people are looking at non-diamond alternatives. Technological advances have provided us with excellent quality synthetic diamonds. There are many other beautiful gemstones that lend themselves well for a setting in an engagement ring. With all these choices at our fingertips, we endeavor to make ethical choices for the environment as well as for you, our client.

We’d Love to be Part of Your Story …

So if you are in the market for that unique custom engagement ring Toronto look no further. We are your downtown jewellery designers. A hard working trio who love to make beautiful jewellery for everyone.


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