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Custom Wedding Rings Toronto

Custom Wedding Rings Toronto

If You Are Shopping for Custom Wedding Rings Toronto is a Great Place to Start!

Your wedding will be one of the most momentous occasions of your life. The emotional tide starts with the proposal and continues through the highs and lows of wedding planning. It will reach its peak when you take your wedding vows. Years later, when you look at your wedding ring, it will come to symbolize the love you felt at that moment. This is not an insignificant purchase. When shopping for your custom wedding rings Toronto is a great place to start with its vibrant community of jewellery designers.

Our studio, flux + form, is located in the heart of downtown Toronto. We specialize in custom wedding rings but you will also find unique ready-to-wear pieces for purchase. We would love to help you narrow down the choices to find the most perfect pair of rings that represent your unique story for a lifetime.

Your Budget

It is always helpful for us to know your budget. This allows us to recommend products within your price range. However, if you are beginning the process and shopping around for ideas, we hope you will stop by to see us. You are under no obligation to purchase anything and we will not subject you to high pressure sales pitches.  Feel free to ask us any questions.

Custom or Commercial

At our studio, we will help you browse through our selection of commercial wedding rings and also explain the process involved with creating a custom design. We have access to the same suppliers as commercial jewellery stores. If you require a simple ring in a style that is popular, we can likely source it for you. Commercial ring manufacturers produce these in bulk. While it may lack some unique features, it will be much more cost effective than a ring designed from scratch.

If you would like a custom designed piece, then we are just the team you want to work with. This process is more involved, requires more lead time and consequently will cost more.  However, you will receive a well designed and beautiful item that will last a lifetime. This much we promise you.

Metal Choices

custom wedding rings TorontoGold wedding bands are usually the starting point for most couples. Pure 24 Carat gold is too soft for use in wedding bands. We therefore work with alloys which result in a variety of rich colour tones. Gold, silver and copper alloys have a warm yellow hue; gold and copper alloys have a reddish tone and gold, nickel, copper and zinc alloys become white gold.

Platinum is soft white in colour and more expensive than gold. It’s 30 times more rare than gold;  it is also 40% heavier than 14K gold. This is an excellent choice of metal for a ring because it does not tarnish or oxidize. Platinum is one of the most beautiful mediums for showcasing intricate engravings and diamond settings.

And then there is Palladium, a luxurious option for rings. It has a natural white hue and is durable, lightweight and resilient to discolouration. As a member of the platinum metal group, palladium is one of the rarest precious metals, making it one of the most esteemed. And since it doesn’t require alloys or plating, it is usually at least 95% pure. Combining palladium with gold gives you palladium white gold, a hyper-allergenic alternative to nickel white gold.

More and more couples are opting for rings with both silver and gold tones. We can easily achieve this through design and it would allow your wedding ring to go with your watches and other jewellery.

Sterling silver used to be more desirable than gold at one time. Today, it is the most affordable of precious metals. Sterling silver is actually an alloy containing silver, copper and other metals to make it durable.  However, it is still a very soft metal which can scratch and discolour easily.

Alternative Metals

Recently many of our clients have been opting for alternative metals.  These include titanium, tungsten, cobalt and stainless steel.  Alternative metals forged into rings can be contemporary, stunning and comfortable. They are scratch resistant, tough  and best of all, inexpensive in comparison to noble metals. Our male clientele is especially drawn to these metals for their combination of beauty and rugged durability.

Beautiful but Practical Designs

If you have not visualized a design, we can help you along. We see many couples who have derived inspiration from photographs, the internet and our in-house generated designs. Your wedding band can be simple, feature an engraved pattern, texture or gemstones. Depending on your budget, diamonds remain a popular choice for stones in wedding rings because they are very hard and durable. However, there are a variety of other good quality gemstones we can also recommend.

We design jewellery to last a lifetime. And since you will wear your wedding rings everyday, we ensure it is designed to fit in flawlessly with your lifestyle.

Your custom design will be rendered by hand or CAD (Computer Assisted Design). We will present these drawings to you first for approval. After that we develop a wax model for you to see or try on. We start crafting your rings using the materials you have selected only after you are happy with the model.

Meeting new clients and getting to know them is the best part of our job. Becoming a part of your love story through your wedding jewellery would our absolute honour. If you are shopping for custom wedding rings Toronto has a vibrant jewellery design scene.

Do stop by flux + form, in the heart of downtown Toronto.

We’d love to meet you.


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