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Jewellery Repair Toronto

Jewellery Repair Toronto - Kim, flux + form

Jewellery Repair Toronto

We have all been there: A favourite string of pearls breaks apart; the stone setting on an heirloom brooch wiggles loose or a ring no longer fits. If you want good quality jewellery repair Toronto goldsmiths, flux + form, are your team!

We are Suzanne Crudden, Kim Drosdick and Carey Pearson. Professionally trained to work with all kinds of material, we are experts in all things jewellery. Since 2007 we have been designing and crafting beautiful custom jewellery. We are big proponents of Recycle, Reuse and Re-JewelTM.

The concept of repairing what is broken or using something old to make something new is not groundbreaking. But today it is extremely relevant. It seems like we have lost our way somewhat and become a society easily prone to disposing what we do not need. However, the very nature of jewellery makes this totally unnecessary. We can repair or breakdown almost any jewellery item into its component parts to create an extraordinary piece that you will wear again. We truly believe this is important for environmental, sentimental and economic reasons.

Common Repairs

Like any other item, your jewellery will eventually require cleaning and maintenance. Scratches and blemishes may need a simple cleaning and polishing to make it sparkle again. Soldering is great for melding broken metal pieces back together. Epoxy, cements and chemical bonding agents do wonders with almost any loose bits and broken pieces. And finally, most rings can be sized down or up to fit your finger again.

Stone Settings

When it comes to stones, if yours has come loose, please drop in as soon as you can. You really do not want to lose that precious stone. We can likely secure it back into the setting. Sometimes, we see pieces with a matching stone that has gone missing. In this case, we will do our best to source a twin. However, we may also recommend redesigning the stone into another piece of jewellery. We have converted many lonely diamond earrings into pendants and rings over the years.


Re-plating discoloured metal jewellery can breathe new life into back into it, especially when combined with a fresh polish. We offer both yellow gold and rhodium plating.


When restringing a broken necklace or bracelet, we ensure the beads are secured enough so they do not move on the cord. This is likely what caused it to break in the first place. It might be the right opportunity to have some fun with the design and we can present you with creative options. Simple changes, such as changing the length or adding complimenting stones can transform your original piece into a brand new item that you will love even more.


Engravings are our favourite! Those special messages and symbols permanently embedded in a piece meant for a loved one. Engravings give us insight into the lives of our clients and some have left us teary eyed.

For a good quality jewellery repair Toronto goldsmiths flux + form have your back. Bring in those pieces and let’s explore the possibilities together.

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