Celebrating Love | Co-Authors: Suzanne Crudden, Kim Drosdick, Carey Pearson

February: A Month for Celebrating Love of Many Kinds

At flux + form, we are at the front line of celebrating love of many kids. There is a good chance that love has prompted your visit when you walk through our doors. People often purchase jewellery as a gift for a loved one and the month of February is famed for it. Valentine’s Day, celebrated with candy and flowers, also drives 20% of Americans to purchase jewellery for their loved ones. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of crafting many wonderful pieces of jewellery, all in the name of celebrating love. Wedding bands, a gift for mom, a “men-gagement” ring for a special guy or a thank you gift for a friend.

Here are some of our favourites:

Partner Love

Celebrating Love - Bark Wedding Bands - Kim DrosdickAlmost every couple wears matching rings as an expression of celebrating love. We have created twin rings in custom designs of almost every kind. Like these matching 14k nickel white gold Bark Wedding Bands. Perfect for nature lovers, they are traditional rings which also offer just the right dash of flair without being showy.

Engravings on jewellery allow our clients to convey their own special messages of love. The words can be anything you like. However, we can always count on one our favourite, “You are my sunshine” to bring out a smile.

For sure, a jewellery store often has more choices for women. But we make fun items for men, too. Our Sterling Silver Speech Bubble Cufflinks make whimsical, sweet and sincere gifts. And they have space to feature your very own fun symbol, drawing or message.

Family Love

Pendants make wonderful gifts, especially for mothers and grandmothers. We often receive requests to reuse old gold from jewellery that has seen better days. And in these cases, pendants allow us to unleash our creativity. Setting birthstones of family members into the design transform pendants into meaningful gifts for wearing close to the heart.

This double sided pendant is perfect for celebrating the love of mothers who are also grandmothers; birthstones for the children one one side and the grandchildren on the other.

And finally, we cannot overlook our Mobius Birthstone Pendant, a perennial favourite. With room for five stones, we can always customize it to tell your family story in a beautiful and classic form.

Pet Love

Celebrating Love - Dog Silhouette PendantYes! We absolutely have created adorable gifts for the pet lovers out there. Pets are integral family members in many households. Therefore, do not hesitate bringing in a photo of your furry friend. Let’s see what we can create from it!  Silhouette and Cameo Pet Pendants in Sterling Silver are always popular.  So is our classic engraved Paw Print Pendant.

Many Kinds of Love

There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice. – F. Scott Fitzgerald

While jewellery consumes our working lives, as mothers, all three of us are frequently struck by the contrasting expressions of love we receive at home from our children. On that front, the month of February brings a whole different meaning. Valentine’s Day transforms into something simpler, like the joy of discovering a surprise heart shaped cookie in the lunch box from Mom. Or about the special cards to be given to, and received from, everyone in the class. These innocent expressions of love keep us grounded. As a result, they remind us of the vastly different ways people celebrate their love for each other. And it humbles us to know how fortunate we are to have love as a constant in our lives, both at work and at home.


Cover Photo: Celebrating Love – Ben
Photo 1: Bark Wedding Bands – Kim Drosdick
Photo 2: Dog Silhouette Pendant

Alternative Engagement Rings | Co-Authors: Suzanne Crudden, Kim Drosdick, Carey Pearson