Surprise Her with these Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Mom

All three of us owner/designers here at flux + form are moms. And speaking from experience, we moms love a thoughtful gift. A symbolic piece of jewellery is like being able to carry your family around with you everyday. In a good way. So if you really want to do something extra special this mother’s day consider these thoughtful gift ideas for mom.

Thoughtful Gifts Available in our Toronto Store

We have many great gift ideas for mom that are available in store. Forgot to place a custom order? No problem! Check out our ready-made jewellery gift ideas below.


Custom Birthstone Jewellery

A custom piece of family jewellery doesn’t necessarily have to incorporate birthstones but it does make an extra special gift for mom. These designs were created with everyday wear in mind. Nothing too fussy so that it will match any outfit.

Re-using Family Jewellery

Let’s face it, a lot of “family jewellery” designs can be pretty clichéd. Many of us or our mom’s have some jewellery that just isn’t our style anymore. Have you ever considered re-using that jewellery to turn it into something else that you or your mom would actually wear? We’ve helped many a mom to do just that! Below is an examples of something we’ve done in the past.


Do you have an idea in mind that you’ve always wanted to do? We love discovering the creative ideas that our clients have had simmering away and helping them to create their vision. You can learn more about our custom process by visiting our What We Do page. We know that the most valuable aspect of a piece of jewellery is not the material value of the gems and metal but the sentimental value. The most valuable aspect of a gift of jewellery is not the cost but the thought that has gone it to its selection. Let us help you select or create a that piece with our thoughtful gift ideas for mom!