Toronto Jewellery Designers,

Suzanne, Kim & Carey.
This team of Toronto Jewellery Designers has tirelessly converted flux + form into a thriving small business. Powered by great reviews and continuous positive press over the years, Blog TO took note. They listed flux + form one of the ‘Best Jewellery Stores’ in town! Consequently, this small studio has grown to become a destination for jewellery shopping in the heart of the downtown Toronto.
Jewellery Designers Toronto - Sue

Suzanne Crudden

Toronto Jewellery Designer
“For the past 15 years I have had the honour of participating in my clients life events creating future heirlooms and special jewellery pieces. The training that I received at George Brown College allows me to create beautiful jewellery but, it’s the relationships that I build with my clients and the stories that go into these pieces, that infuses them with their true value.”

Work with Suzanne:
(416) 788-2875
Jewellery Designers Toronto - Kim - Bio

Kim Drosdick

Toronto Jewellery Designer
“Do what you love is what I always say! I am one of the lucky few who gets to do that everyday. Inspired at every turn, I am drawn to natural shapes, clean lines, simple forms and texture”.

Work with Kim:
(416) 858-9090

Jewellery Designers Toronto - Carey - Bio

Carey Pearson

Toronto Jewellery Designer
“Jewellery is meant to be worn, it’s meant to inspire, energize, and be passed on throughout a family’s history. It is this timeless approach that inspires my designs”.

Work with Carey:
(416) 651-1961

Our Story

Welcome to flux + form, a boutique jewellery studio and our home away from home. We are Toronto Jewellery Designers, Suzanne Crudden, Kim Drosdick and Carey Pearson. Over the years we have become artisans with the highest degree of expertise. We work with many types of materials, right on site, transforming custom pieces from dreams to concepts and finally to reality.

Our creations have been featured on television, in films, commercials and print. If you are in the market for custom jewellery, drop in to see us. You will find us welcoming, easy going and most of all, good at what we do.

Here is a little bit about our story. We invite you to flux + form as we’d love to get to know you, too! – Toronto Jewellery Designers, Suzanne, Kim, and Carey.

Suzanne's Jewellery

Modern with subtle drama, distinguished beauty and a hint of history.

Kim's Jewellery

Beautifully bold yet classically simple with modern and playful twists.

Carey's Jewellery

Natural beauty of everyday life lends its own aesthetics to the jewellery.

Toronto Jewellery Designers - Suzanne Crudden

Suzanne Crudden

Suzanne graduated from the University of Toronto with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and Anthropology. Shortly after, she began training as a goldsmith at George Brown College, Toronto, Canada. With the course complete, in 2007, she opened up her own jewellery studio with fellow goldsmith and best friend Kim Drosdick.

Suzanne says of her philosophy and style, “In truth, I’m an unabashed romantic. I love happy endings, I love the lessons of history, I love the beauty of the world around me and I love the concept that an idea will not exist unless you create it in reality. All of these inspirations find their way into my work in some way blending into what I think of as modern romanticism. Modern jewellery with subtle drama, distinguished beauty and a hint of history.”

This style and philosophy blend perfectly when her clients wish to re-use their old jewellery. Suzanne feels very strongly that re-using and recycling materials is one of the most important ways in which we can minimize our environmental impact.

As an established designer Suzanne enjoys building relationships with her clients and working along-side her colleagues and friends. She specializes in custom jewellery and re-using old jewellery while also designing her own collections.

Kim Drosdick

Kim is a graduate of the Jewellery Arts program at George Brown College, Toronto, Canada. She began her career at Made You Look Jewellery Studio and Gallery. In 2007 she teamed up with her best friend and cohort, Suzanne Crudden, to open flux + form.

Kim begins each project by first paying attention to what makes her happy. Because it is from that core that she derives inspiration for her designs. As a result, her body of work is unmistakably stunning. Beautifully bold yet classically simple with modern and playful twists.

Kim creates wearable works of art using platinum, gold and silver, incorporating gemstones and recycled materials. Her love of reusing existing materials eventually lead her to coin the trademarked term, Re-JewelTM. For Kim, this represents a stand not just for sentimental reasons, but for the more fundamental ones linked to the environment and the economy.

Toronto Jewellery Designers - Kim Drosdick
Toronto Jewellery Designers - Carey Pearson

Carey Pearson

Carey had a previous career in television media. Even as an accomplished sales executive in this dynamic industry, she always felt something was missing. That is when she tried her hand at the creativity of crafting jewellery. The passion she felt when designing or producing a new piece was all consuming. While it started out as a part time hobby, the desire finally took over. One day, while on maternity leave, she took the plunge and enrolled in the Jewellery Methods Program at George Brown College. On her very first day at school, Carey knew this was exactly where she belonged. And she has never looked back, since.

Throughout her career as a jeweller, Carey has continued to thrive in the stories of her clients. She is energized by playing a role in their lives through her creations. The beauty of every day life fuels her inspirations. She allows the metals to lend their own unique aesthetics to her designs, not fighting their natural beauty but working with them. Her deep connection with a loyal client base complemented Suzanne and Kim, perfectly. And in 2015, she joined flux + form as a partner.

Toronto Jewellery Designers, Suzanne, Kim & Carey