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Toronto Jewellery Store

BIG NEWS! We now have two locations to serve you. Pictures of the new spaces are coming soon! Our new locations will continue to be a destination for jewellery shopping as well as a spaces where everyone can feel welcome.

Our Roncesvalles location offers retail hours as well as appointments. Our Junction location will be by appointment but also offer drop in hours.

Our ready-to-wear and custom jewellery is beautiful and made to last a lifetime. These are one-of-a-kind designs you will not find anywhere else. Perhaps you want to try one on? Or you have questions about a creating a unique piece from scratch? Regardless of the reason, we invite you to drop in for a visit. You will feel completely at ease browsing through our studio and chatting with us. We do not like high pressure sales pitches and most of all, there is no obligation for you to purchase anything.

Voted Best Jewellery Stores Toronto – a few times!

Downtown Toronto Jewellery Store

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So What’s With the Name

Every so often, our customers ask what flux + form means. So here it is:

We wanted an insightful name that was also meaningful and unique. For inspiration, we looked at the materials and tools we use every day as goldsmiths and designers. The word flux comes from a small but important component of our trade. Without this unassuming little liquid, we could not join metal surfaces together during the soldering process. This humble item cleans the metal surface and facilitates the creation of the strongest of bonds. Especially relevant, it is the flux that allows us to deliver lasting quality to your jewellery. And it is the flux that lets us get to the form of your design. Symbolically and literally, these two words hit all the right notes.

We needed one final item to complete our name; something that would tie the two words together. It had to reflect our values, personality and style. The ampersand did not cut it. It was too showy and flamboyant. The word “and” was not unique enough. So we settled on a simple +. To us, this tiny detail was just as important as the two words. flux + form was perfect.

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